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Covid 19 has also affected the travel industry. Hence, travelers are left with limited choices when they want to book a flight for business meetings or personal reasons. The comfort of travelling in a private jet is to another level of safest way of travel. Flying in a private jet is assured that you are travelling remains refreshed and rested. Airborne Private Jet is here to provide you with the Ad Dir

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Whenever you are in hurry and want to avoid the airport queue and difficulties, Airborne Private Jet offers you the fast and safest way of air transportation with charter flight to or from Ad Dir

Air Ambulance Services In Ad Dir

In this pandemic time, not all people get the medical attention required for saving lives. Airborne Private Jet understands the medical emergencies of the people living in the outskirts where it is difficult to reach. Hence, we offer air ambulance services to and from Ad Dir

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Ad Dir

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Ad Dir

Ad Dir

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