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Dead Boday Transfer

Dead Body And Organ Transport by Air Cost and Services

Airborne Private Jet has secured an important place in the heart of every customer with its impeccable services. As a renowned air transport service, they are not merely limited to flying people for vacations or providing Air ambulance services. Besides, Airborne Private Jet Services is known for being a confidante at every phase of shifting and travel. One such service which stands out when it comes to Airborne Private Jet Services is dead body transport. They are the renowned name that offers dead body transport through dead body cargo on an airplane domestically and internationally.Passengers need not worry at all as the entire plane is equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities to ensure the body is in the right form as it was loaded to the plane. Airborne Private Jet is counted among the top dead body transport services through an airplane in India.

Besides, on typing dead body transport service near me on the search engine, Airborne Private Jet has its name listed among the top. The USP of the service is impeccable management and taking the onus of every aspect. Moreover, the procedure is not cumbersome as well, wherein the user must first make a call to the office, send ID proof including either original passport, voter ID card or driving license, NOC, Death Certificate, Embalming, and Packaging Certificate, which must include the name, age, and place as issued by the Embassy or Passport followed by payment for the services.The dead body transport by air cost is not skyrocketing and something that is affordable and fits your budget as well. Dead body transportation costs will differ based on the place and location where you are shifting the body. For this, you can visit Airborne Private Jet to check our services and the cost.

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Only 3 simple procedures 1 Make call our office near to you 2 Send the documents/make the payment 3 Ready to receive the you’re loved once

  • ID Proof - Original passport/driving license / voter ID card of the deceased person, Issued from the respective authority.
  • Death Certificate - Death certificate from respective hospital or doctor which should contain the cause of death and it should be in a specific format.
  • NOC - Obtain a police and Embassy NOC (No Objection Certificate).
  • Embalming and Packaging Certificate - Original Embalming and Packaging Certificate that should include deceased’s full name, age, place of death issued by as per Embassy / Passport .