air ambulance during covid-19

Essential Air Ambulance During COVID-19

  • 10  May 2021
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Essential Air Ambulance During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the world completely. Seeing the situation air ambulance comes in command. The news headlines are quite focusing on international travel and its importance in completing critical missions. Such missions include saving people's lives and reuniting them with their loved ones.

Air ambulance is providing help to people affected by the coronavirus if the flights with confirmed cases have to face many obstacles.

The responsibility of air ambulance

Nowadays, the importance of air ambulance is catching the pace. It’s every person's right to get help to treat their health. This service is given to transport patients from one place to another, thus become a trustable mode of travelling. Moreover, this service is also best when specialized doctors have to send to village areas where there are restricted medical services.

COVID 19 has hit us very hard and people are stuck in various places. Thus, they are unable to get the required medical care facilities. Here, air ambulance plays a major role in airlifting the patients and providing medical help. Such medical air ambulance comprises of the enclosed cabin, which makes infected people separated from others while maintaining the social distancing. All processes are done safely while transferring the COVID 19 patients.

The main challenge that comes across is a short lead time when last-minute schedules can be changed. Many times, it can be a hectic, long and stressful night.

Airborne Private Jet – A reliable air ambulance services

If someone is expecting the highest standard quality private jet as an air ambulance, then Airborne Private Jet is something you can trust upon. Air Ambulance are available both international and domestic. It has become a primary choice if someone wants to travel or from India because it is famous Air Ambulance aircraft are available across India offering light to large jets Air ambulance. The assistance is always reading to give you expert advice by 24 hours, seven weeks, and 365 days. People are free to call anytime on finding the difficulty.

Air ambulance services offered by Airborne Private Jet

Transportation of COVID patients safely

The team of doctors, nurses, and EMTs are ever ready to deal with the patients in emergency time. They are always available round the clock.

Expert medical team

All the team including specialists such as pulmonologists, cardiologists, neurosurgeons, and others are experts in doing their work. They are highly specialized in offering comfort patient care.

Monitoring the patients closely

While flying, experts frequently monitor and closely check the patients' vitals like ECG, ICU, BP, SPO2, Pulse, and others.

Using defibrillator

A defibrillator machine is used in an air ambulance for observing the patients’ heart functions. It is a good machine required to deliver medicine dose in a medical situation like life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia. It becomes somehow easy to make the heart function again. Simply, it is needed to give shock at the time of the cardiac arrest.

Giving emergency medicine

The air ambulance never leaves without carrying medicines required by the patients. They are required when the patients need critical care on air. Moreover, this service is ideal for providing emergency transportation of medicines.

Oxygen supply

We all know that the second wave of COVID 19 has affected the oxygen intake efficiency of patients. The air ambulance by Airborne Private Jet does have oxygen for patients. Sometimes, in special cases, if the flight is beyond 8 hours, then we offer liquid oxygen facilities as well.


It is a the necessity of the present time because many patients need it. Air ambulance is available with a ventilator facility in an emergency. Hence, patients and their families don’t have to worry about it.

Airborne Private Jet is a trusted service provider of air ambulance services that have saved the lives of many patients till now. We believe in providing comfort fly when we all are dealing with COVID 19 situation. We are always here to help you!