COVID-19 Patient Transport, Medical Flight Air Ambulance

COVID-19 Patient Transport, Medical Flight Air Ambulance

  • 27  Apr 2021
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COVID-19 Patient Transport, Medical Flight  Air Ambulance

What makes Airborne Private Jet a Special Service Provider?

Are you aware of the concept of an air ambulance? It is one of the best means available when it comes to transporting a patient from one place to another. If you have a critical patient, who needs to be taken care of immediately; in that case, you would look for an option that would allow you to transport the patient at the earliest; without any major delay. This is where air ambulance services come into the picture. They have emerged as one of the most reliable and trusted means of transport, which ensures that you offer optimum level of medical care and support to a patient. These days. There are multiple different services providers available, who would ensure that a patient is being given the maximum support.

Air Ambulance in India

As far as India is concerned, the company which started this service is Airborne Private Jet. They are one of the most leading and reputed names in this domain and are known for rendering services of the best quality. Whether you are looking for air ambulance Mumbai or air ambulance Kolkata; Airborne Private Jet has the infrastructure to offer their services all over the country. If you are planning to shift a patient from one city to another; or even one state of India to another; in that case, these ambulance services would just be the perfect option for you, if you are looking for a smooth and hassle free journey. Are you looking for an air ambulance jet? They have it for you. Their jet services would ensure that if you want a super-fast transportation from one location to another; in that case, it could be taken care of.

As far as air ambulance costs in India are concerned; Airborne Private Jet offers their services at a fairly affordable and reasonable price. However, it needs to be mentioned in this regard that their services would be costlier compared to the traditional ambulance services available; however, if you are looking for a quick and efficient service; in that case, they are the best options available to you. Indian roads have always been notorious for traffic; in such conditions, it can be really very difficult at times, to make sure that a patient; particularly, who is in a critical condition, is transported to the hospital as quickly as possible. Airborne Private Jet has solved this problem. With the help of their ambulance services; they have ensured that you can transport your patient easily from one place to another within a very short span of time.

Charter Flights has a WorldWide Presence

Over the years, by rendering services of the highest quality; on a consistent basis, Airborne Private Jet has successfully managed to mark their presence on global platforms. Today, they have their presence in countries like the UK, USA, New Zealand, and West Indies, Germany and in many other countries. They have a very prominent presence in the Gulf countries, where air ambulance Qatar, air ambulance UAE have proven to be one of the most reliable options for moving patients from one place to another.

They have one of the best service providers operating today. What makes them so special is the fact that they have some of the best medical equipment on board, which allows them to take optimum care of the patients and even to make sure that if life saving support is required, that could be provided.

Are you looking for air ambulance NZ? Do you wish to fly your patient to some other country, where you think better medical services can be offered? Airborne Private Jet has the best of services in store for you.

What are the Facilities available On Board?

Airborne Private Jet has some of the most sophisticated and highly advanced medical equipment on board. If you have a patient, who is in serious condition and needs to be provided immediate medical care; then they have all the facilities available with them. Here is a list of equipment they have to provide you the best of support


       Monitors of different sizes with the most advanced features. If a situation arrives, where an immediate scanning needs to be done, in that case, they have the monitors which can generate instant results.

       ECG and EEG are the two most common and critical tests which need to be carried out on patients, who are in critical state. They have some of the latest and most advanced devices available with them

       Is there any need to mention that they have a wide range of different types of stretchers available with them?

       There can be situations when the patient needs to be given life saving medications. They have all the common medications on board.


Apart from the equipment and devices, Airborne Private Jet has some of the most highly trained and expert medical professionals, who have the skills and knowledge to make sure that optimum care and support is being provided to every single patient in need. Are you worried about air ambulance costs? As mentioned, it would be quite higher as compared to the traditional services; however, the fact that they offer quick, prompt and reliable services, makes the expense worth it! Besides, there are medical insurance companies, who can back you up when it comes to the expense part. As far as air ambulance costs in India is concerned, Airborne Private Jet offer their services at a fairly reasonable and affordable price.

Want to know more about the services of Airborne Private Jet and their air ambulance service in India? Visit their official website to know more details about their services. If you want to have a look at the interior of an air ambulance, in that case, you can have a look at the air ambulance images and air ambulance videos, which are available over the internet. Airborne Private Jet has emerged as one of the leading service providers in this domain today. They have committed to render quality services on a consistent basis to the people, who need their help and support desperately.