Is it safe to fly in private jet right now in 2022 with Covid-19 /Omicron Variant Surging?

Is it safe to fly right now in 2022 with Covid-19 /Omicron Variant Surging?

  • 8  Feb 2022
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Is it safe to fly right now in 2022 with Covid-19 /Omicron Variant Surging?

Covid-19/Omicron situation has changed the lives of many people as well as affected different industries. But, some people still have to travel because of their work or some personal reasons. Hence, they are concerned about private jet travel during the time of the pandemic. Airborne Private Jet has seen a boom after Covid-19/Omicron bailouts.

Indeed, the coronavirus made billions of airlines not fly because of the restrictions. On the other hand, we are flying to different places like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and other places. Unlike other industries, the aviation industry has bounced back successfully. At present time, air charter flights are seeing around 15% of a hike than 2 years ago.

Private jets are beneficial for the passengers because of enormous advantages like avoiding the queue for security checks, comfortable flights, and a high level of security. As of now, the new variant of Covid i.e. Omicron is becoming an alarming danger for global traveling. Different companies are closing their flights to foreigners. Therefore, people are witnessing an upsurge in the demand for charter flights.

Successful in the private jet industry 

Normally, wealthy people are likely to book private jets, but the scenario has been changed. Airborne Private Jet is offering its services to all classes of people as we have a diverse range of flights. This year, we are witnessing successful growth and a large number of people are opting for our services to enjoy comfortable and safe flights to different locations.

After the relaxation in Covid-19/Omicron restrictions, there was a slight downfall in the booking of flight tickets resulting in a decrease in revenue as well. Well, people who are worried about their family safety try to avoid traveling on crowded flights. Thus, they are booking the private jet from our website and planning to fly to a different location for upcoming holidays.

If you want to hire a private jet to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata with your family, friends and also like to carry your pets, then we do have an aircraft having 37 seat capacity. This means you can travel to all the mentioned places in a single flight without getting stressed. Apart from this, we also provide international holiday packages to international holiday gateways like Dubai. Our aircraft packages are quite affordable and will not cause a burden on you. So, whenever you are planning for an international trip, do contact us.

Why hire private jet services?

The commercial aviation industry is recovering slowly because it gets affected more because of travel bans, lockdowns, and a decrease in passenger count. In 2022, we are seeing a better recovery and people are likely traveling to various places. Our services are not limited to personal flights for holidays or work; we also provide air ambulance services in emergencies for Covid-19/Omicron.

Airborne Private Jets is a way to enjoy the convenience of private jets. The exclusive services by us include corporate jets, private jets, air ambulances, business jets, and others. By hiring our services, we ensure that you get the unforgettable experience of flying. We have different sizes of jets from which you can choose as per your requirements and budget.

Airborne Private Jet is always glad to offer you the best private jet services. Contact us now and enjoy a happy flight.