Hiked prices of the fuel resulting in the hiked price of Air Ambulance services

Hiked prices of the fuel resulting in the hiked price of Air Ambulance services

  • 29  Jul 2022
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Hiked prices of the fuel resulting in the hiked price of Air Ambulance services

Air ambulances are the aircraft created to provide air medical services in emergencies when ground transportation is ineffective. These ambulances are designed with complete medical facilities to facilitate quick medical evacuation. The air ambulance service aims to save one’s life by safely transporting the ailing or injured person from one place to another.

Since it is designed exclusively for the patients struggling for their lives, it is designed differently and costs much more than a ground ambulance. The air ambulance services were running smoothly, but the pandemic Covid-19 and another attack of hiked fuel prices have challenged the aviation sector. 

The price of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) - which helps aeroplanes to fly, is increasing because energy prices globally have risen on the back of supply concerns following Russia- the Ukraine war and demand recurring after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The fuel prices are now more than double since last year. The current year 2022, has seen an increase in the price of fuel massive, as much as 90%. The cost has increased by approximately 120 per cent compared to last year. The increasing fuel prices put the airline industry under strain. As fuel in any airline holds the highest operating cost, as much as 25 per cent of the total flight expenditure, it has brought air ambulance services into a problematic situation. 

The airlines are facing huge losses and helplessness as they cannot serve the people with good services at affordable rates. Life-saving work can be at risk with the constant increase in fuel prices.

Price hike- a big hurdle for the emergency service providers

The air ambulance services are struggling to maintain a 24/7 service because of a fuel price hike. If the same tendency persists and the fuel price reaches new highs, the air ambulance industry may also need to increase the prices proportionately. An ambulance may be on air or land and is always on the move, but unfortunately, the fuel price rise increases the burden on the customers.

Though many Air ambulance service providers have not increased its fare, considering the current situation, there may be a time when even these air ambulance service providers have to make specific changes.

The hike in fuel prices has affected almost all the industries in a way or so, but the transport industry is the one that has faced its drastic impact. At Air Borne Private jet, we offer air ambulance flights, air ambulance helicopters, body transfer services, and international air ambulance services. Seeing the current situation of hiked fuel prices, we are focusing on intensifying the reach of our medical emergency services to the patients in the best way and with the minimum fare possible to make sure that no life gets untreated because of the lack of emergency care services. 

Since fuel prices increased by a shocking percentage, many air ambulance companies launched a plea for help to keep their emergency vehicles going despite rising fuel prices.