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COVID-19 Patient Transport in Tirana

 Covid Medical transportation in Agra

We transport emergency Covid-19 patients both domestically and internationally. Our paramedical staff consists of aeromedical doctors, nurses and EMT. Upon special request, additional specialists such as cardiologist, pulmonologist etc. can be availed depending on the condition of the patient..

Aero Medical Doctors Nurses and technicians

 Aero Medical Doctors Nurses in Agra

Our team of aeromedical Doctor/ Nurses/ EMT. Upon the request, additional medical specialties like cardiologist, pulmonologist, neurosurgeon, can provide super-specialist care can be given for comfort and patient care. Around the clock, the services contact us.


<Air ambulance Defibrillator in Agra

The Defibrillator, one of the machines, used an air ambulance for monitoring the heart function like ECG, saturations, and bp. A defibrillator used for life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia delivers a dose of a shock to the heart to restart the heart's action. Be used for giving shock in cardiac arrest

Patient Monitor

Air ambulance Patient Monitor in Channai

Our medical expert uses patient monitor on the flying ICU of air ambulance services. They can monitor various vitals and watch the vitals of flying ICU, ECG, Bp, Cvp, SPO2, Pulse, ABP, ventilator, and FIO2, IO/chart, and Infusion etc. with the teli medcine facility


Air ambulance Ventilator in Agra

Our Air Ambulance Services uses ventilator Support, As per request, patient transfer from and to anywhere. Adult or pediatric ventilators are available. Our Ventilator seating Parameters can use ACV, SIMV, PCV, PSV, PCIRV, APRV, PRVC, PAV, NAVA, PEEP, CPAP, BIPAP as per Strategies.

Inotropes medicine Infusion Pump/ systems of Syringe Pump

<Air ambulance Infusion Pump in Agra

Inotropes Infusion Pump, One of the virtual machines used in the ICU, controls inotropes medicine. Infusion to the human body and used in air ambulance also deliver various inotropes into a patient’s body in a controlled manner. We will have multi Syringe Pumps. Syringe pump

Suction Machine

<Air ambulance Suction Machine in Agra

The suction machine used to suck. Suction from the airway of blockages blood, saliva, and secretions may lead to blocking or abstracting patients from removing the semi-solid fluids or semi-solid items on the airway. Or clots pus which is affecting patient or object smooth function of the human body.

Emergency Medicine

Air ambulance Emergency Medicine in Agra

Air ambulance carry Emergency medicine for treating critical care on the air transportation. Air ambulance fleets will take almost emergency medicine to meet emergency transportations with excellent care of patients. However, on request for particular medication can be arranged as per request, like blood, plasma, etc.

Intra-aortic Balloon Pump / IABP Machine

air ambulance IABP Machine in Agra

Air ambulance on special request, can be added with Intra-aortic Balloon Pump / IABP Machine. Mechanical device use for the that increases myocardial oxygen perfusion. By using cardiac output, coronary blood flow. it provides on request only, only on selected and advance big air ambulance jet only.

Scoop Stretcher/ Vacuum Mattress Stretcher

Air Scoop Stretcher in Agra

The scoop stretcher (clamshell, Roberson orthopedic stretcher, or just scoop) is a device used specifically for moving injured people. It is most frequently used to lift people. Spin board is used for suspected spinal cord injury from the ground. Either due to unconsciousness or to maintain stability in the case of trauma.

Neonatal Incubator/Baby Incubator

Air ambulance Neonatal Incubator in Agra

In Air ambulance, a Neonatal Incubator/Baby Incubator can be provided. With Air Ambulance a competitive price to meet your specific requirement pediatric. This device appropriate temperature and humidity. Environment newborns used for pediatric in air ambulance .

CPAP & BPAP Systems

Air ambulance CPAP In Agra

Our air ambulance is providing the BiPAP machine and CPAP machine for the patients flying with the Air Ambulance, We will able to provide -level Positive Airway Pressure. It offers varying levels of pressure to the upper airway.


Air ambulance Oxygen in Agra

Our air ambulance aircraft will be fitted with oxygen for the patient of the air ambulance. Flow from 1 -30/litters min littles high flow oxygen needs of the patients. In special cases flying beyond 8 hours, we can able to provide liquid oxygen facilities on special request.

Air Ambulance Price and Various Air Medical Services Across the World From Tirana

VVIP Air Ambulance Services in Tirana

ne of the best air ambulance services of Airborne Private Jet is to avail a VVIP Air Ambulance Services in Tirana. We specialize in providing you with a variety of VVIP Air Ambulance Services like VVIP Air Ambulance helicopters, air ambulances aircraft, etc. We have a huge fleet of VVIP Air Ambulance Services Jets and Turbo. We understand that time is a priority to everyone and even the delays of a second can put you to a lot of suffering and we know that you would never want that. We know that how important it is to reach places on time because such delays can always keep on giving you repercussions in the future. We are here to help you and save your precious time!

How much does an Air Ambulance Charges from and to Tirana

In terms of the rates and the cost for Air Ambulance transportation in Tirana, it requires to be mentioned that the costs and the expenses here are absolutely fair and genuine and also pretty affordable in relation to the high-end services provided and are economically comparable in the competitive market.It becomes very important to consider the saving of time as much can be as it is rightly said that life can literally change in seconds. So, we do ensure that swiftness in delivering our Air Ambulance services so that any patient who can be served and saved with the help of Air ambulance services provided by us, are not deprived of the same under any circumstance. We are absolutely committed to providing the best possible air medical service and we want to assure our clients that are in absolutely safe hands when they are booking with us. Airborne Private Jet has one of the best-dedicated teams working round the clock to facilitate the safe transportation of serious patients with evolved medical systems. To satisfy our consumers, we also welcome and encourage any reviews or suggestions to fill in for any scope for improvement.

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